Monday, November 5, 2012

Add and Remove Doc Library in SharePoint 2013


In this article we will see how to add and remove a document library in SharePoint 2013 Sites.


We go to the site's home page and click the "Site Content" link from the quick launch menu.
Image 1.jpg

Then it'll display the list of apps we can add to our site, as in:

Image 2.jpg

There are two options for adding apps to your site.

Option 1

We can directly click the App icon or Tile to add the particular app into our site, then click the Document Library.
Image 3.jpg

Option 2

Click the "App Details" link; it'll redirect to the App Detail page and add the app.
Image 4.jpg

Both the preceding options redirects to the Document creation page, fill in the input and add the library.
Image 5.jpg

If we click the "Advanced Options", notice that the Document Library "List Template ID=101" as a query string is in the page URL. Microsoft may call it an App but still it internally maintains the basic structure.
Image 6.jpg

The same page in SharePoint 2010 looks like in the following page, it's based on Silverlight.

Image 7.jpg
Fill in the values and create a Document Library.

Image 8.jpg
Image 9.jpg

Now if we go to the Site Contents page, we will see the newly created Document Library.
Image 10.jpg

If we want to delete the Document Library then simply click the top-right "More info" link or click the App icon or Tile, it'll open a popup with the "Remove" option.
Image 11.jpg

Once we click the "Remove" button, we will get the following alert message and if we select OK, the document library will be deleted.
Image 12.jpg


We have learned how to add and remove a document library in a SharePoint 2013 site.

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