Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello World Application in SharePoint Store Apps

IntroductionIn this article we will see how to develop our first app using "Nappa Office 365 Tools" in SharePoint 2013.StepsFirst we need to create a Site Collection with the "Developer Site" template. See:ShrStrApps1.jpgOnce the site collection has been created, click the SharePoint store link and we will get the following message:ShrStrApps2.jpgJust select any language and we will see the "Napa Office 365 Development Tools" app and "Add" this app to our site. See:ShrStrApps3.jpgWhile adding this Napa app, it'll ask for credential verification. It'll be a hotmail/live id. See:ShrStrApps4.jpgOnce the "Napa" app has been added in our site, we will see the following message:ShrStrApps5.jpgWe'll see the same app will be in the Site Content also, the same place we see all the apps of the particular site. See:ShrStrApps6.jpgClick the "Napa" app; it'll redirect to the Welcome page with various choices of apps. Just select SharePoint Apps.ShrStrApps7.jpgOnce we select the SharePoint Apps, it'll redirect to the "Napa" Cloud development site as shown below. We'll see the bread crumb as Office 365 --> Napa-->SharePointApp1 which means that SiteName--> Napa-->App Name.By default we will see the following set of files in our application:ShrStrApps8.jpgWe can able add/remove any files in our application. See:ShrStrApps9.jpgIn our app we just want to display the logged in user name, let's make it simple. See:ShrStrApps10.jpgAfter doing the coding, we can run our application as shown below. It'll open our app in a new browser window. In addition to that we have also opened our app from VS 2012.ShrStrApps11.jpgWe will see the installation steps, once its completed we will see our application in a separate window.ShrStrApps12.jpgShrStrApps13.jpgIf we want to publish our app, select the publish option in the bottom-left icon and complete it.ShrStrApps14.jpgShrStrApps15.jpgOnce it's published we will see our application in the App Packages. Like WSP files 2013 we have a new format with an .APP extension.ShrStrApps16.jpgWe can find the published app in our Site Contents page. See:ShrStrApps17.jpgIf we open the app will see our Application Pages. See:ShrStrApps18.jpgSummary"Napa" is a free app for SharePoint. Since "Napa" is web based, you don't need to install anything on your machine to start developing for Office and SharePoint. Just fire up your browser and start coding. As your application matures and you need more advanced tools, you can seamlessly switch to the more powerful, fully featured Visual Studio IDE, and continue developing there. 

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